Please read through below if you are interested in coaching partnership with me.

What Coaching Is / Is Not

Coaching is a partnership to enable client to reach the full potential by coach’s listening, questioning and sometimes messaging or challenging. It is based on idea that client is resourceful, and knows the problem and solution, and him/herself the best, and therefore can find the best solution. It is also based on the belief that people naturally desire to contribute when the goal is aligned with the person’s life purpose - how and why we live out our life. Therefore, becoming aware of one’s life purpose is one of the primary goals in coaching.

Coaching is an adult-to-adult relationship, so client is accountable for all actions, including disregarding coach’s suggestions or requests if client chooses to do so.

Coaching is NOT therapy although that can have a useful role to play at different times. If you are in a lot of emotional pain or caught up with past issues then you may like to consult a professional therapist.

Coaching is NOT consultancy although that can also be a valuable tool and there is some overlap. Consultancy is appropriate if you want someone with specialist knowledge in a particular area to provide solutions and/or to implement them for you.

Expectation to client

Before the session
Prepare by filling out a prep form sent by coach, which allows you to think what has been bothering you and what you want to discuss during the session. Don’t worry if you cannot come up with a topic to discuss. The coach will walk you through so you can find it.

During the session
Bear in mind that there is no right or wrong responses in coaching conversations and you are not judged by how reasonable or logical your response is. Share how you feel in your gut and heart, not only what you think in your mind. Be comfortable with the silence and spend your time reflecting.

After the session
Regularly check in with yourself to see if you are keeping the commitment, reflect on how you have been feeling and what you have learnt through acting on commitments. Think about what you want next and book the next session if necessary.

If you need clarification, feel free to reach out to me by email (if you know) or this enquiry form.